All accommodation has insect netting installed and the mesh panels have clear acrylic glazing to prevent insects as much as possible.

This is the 7ft double hutch which has a pipe connecting the hutch to the run, this can be shut off if required.  Please let me know if your rabbit has difficulties using a ramp.

7ft double hutch with pipe to give permanent access to run at the rear

This is the 11x3ft hutch, 2 separate floors, both floors have 2 bedrooms.  This has insect netting to most doors and clear glazing to the others.

The aviary is 9x6ft and has a variety of tunnels/toys etc inside which I move around to give the bunnies more to explore. This is very sheltered and great for indoor bunnies in the summer.  Has insect netting installed and a rain cover, this is England after all!